At least Microsoft’s Bing Chat is being honest.

Chrome blocked from using Bing Chat

I recently was accepted in to the Bing Chat beta program. I typed into my Google Chrome browser and was greeted by the below pop-up message when I clicked on the chat feature.

Chat mode is only available when you have access to the new Bing… Unlock conversational search on Microsoft Edge.

I then decided to open the Microsoft Edge browser, rarely used on my computer, and proceed to I clicked on chat and had full access.

Can I use Bing Chat in Chrome?

I asked “Can I use Bing Chat in Chrome?” Its response:

Bing chat is a new feature that uses ChatGPT’s AI to create a conversational search experience. However, Bing chat is currently only available on Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft has blocked Bing chat from Google Chrome users as a way to encourage them to switch to Edge.

If you want to use Bing chat on your Chromebook, you can install the Bing Search app from the Play Store. This app lets you access Bing chat by signing in with your Microsoft account and clicking on the Bing icon at the bottom center.

Microsoft has not announced when Bing chat will be available on other browsers, but some sources suggest that it could be coming soon.

Are you interested in trying out Bing chat?

Bing chat response to “Can I use bing chat in Chrome?”

How can I access Bing Chat?

If you want to use Bing Chat, you have three options:

If you want to use Bing chat on your desktop, you need to use Microsoft Edge browser. Bing chat is not available on other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

There are three apps that you can use to access Bing chat on your Android or iPhone:

Bing Search app: This app lets you use Bing chat by tapping on the large “B” icon at the bottom and speaking or typing your query.

Edge mobile app: This app also has a “B” icon at the bottom that opens Bing chat. You can use voice or text input to interact with the AI assistant.

Skype app: This app allows you to add Bing as a contact and chat with it directly or in group conversations. You can also ask Bing for help with Skype features such as calling, messaging, or sharing files.

Bing Chat’s response to “What applications can I use to access Bing Chat?”

The Chrome Extension Workaround

Luckily, a Chrome extension is available that as of this writing is able to get around Microsoft’s Chrome block., the aptly named “Bing Chat for All Browsers.”

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